Despite worryingly high unemployment rates - the UK unemployment rate stands at 8.3%1 - the potential impact of illness of injury is greater.

Income Protection can protect your clients against the financial impact of long-term illness or injury; here are three reasons why it's as important as redundancy cover.

1. Long-term illness or injury can have a bigger impact on your clients' finances than redundancy

  • 50% of workers who become unemployed can expect to re-enter the workplace within 12 months, compared with only 26% of those leaving work due to illness or injury.
  • Around a third of those who become unable to work due to illness fall into poverty within two years.


2. Long-term illness doesn't just affect the individual

  • 15% of people leave work within a year of their spouse leaving work for health reasons.
  • 28% of people with spouses who leave work for health reasons reduce their working hours in the first year and 37% have reduced them within 2 years.


3. Statistically, your client's more likely to need Income Protection

The chances of your clients suffering a long-term illness or injury (and needing Income Protection cover) are higher than their chances of being made redundant:

  • 11% of employees have been off work for 6 months or more due to illness or injury.
  • 1 in 5 people run the risk of developing a longstanding illness before they reach retirement age.

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1129.07 million people were in work in July to September 2011 according to the labour force survey. Source:


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