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Provider also offering new financial incentives for healthy members

PruProtect is making a number of major improvements to its serious illness cover, as well as introducing new financial incentives for customers who engage with its healthy living programme.

Providers highlight importance of specialist children’s cover

Claims for children’s critical illness cover are among the top five most common, according to Sam Barrett in this month’s protection spotlight.

Manchester United Premiership footballer Darren Fletcher has just been diagnosed at the age of 27 with Ulcerative Colitis which has led to him taking an extended break from his footballing career. This demonstrates that no matter how fit you are or how young you are illness can strike at anytime to anyone.

Despite worryingly high unemployment rates - the UK unemployment rate stands at 8.3%1 - the potential impact of illness of injury is greater.

Income Protection can protect your clients against the financial impact of long-term illness or injury; here are three reasons why it's as important as redundancy cover.

Failing to update levels of life cover at various stages of life means millions of Britons risk leaving dependents in financial difficulty.

More than five million people are estimated to be playing a dangerous game with their loved ones' futures.

UK unemployment rose by 129,000 in the three months to September to 2.62 million, as youth unemployment rose above a million.

Hugh Pym Chief economics correspondent, BBC News

I thought I was covered under 'social, domestic and pleasure'

When renewing my car insurance, I noticed that using the car for commuting was excluded from "social, domestic and pleasure". I questioned this, and was charged just £1 a year more to include commuting. PH, Norwich

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) said standard home insurance policies should cover fire, looting or damage caused, and that many policies would also cover accommodation costs for those unable to stay in their homes.

Most commercial insurance policies would cover businesses for damage to their premises, it said, including interruption to their business.

Unemployment will rise throughout next year as businesses fail to offset tens of thousands of job losses across the public sector, analysts have warned. Economists fear that there will also be job cuts at companies that supply the state, while the Vat and other tax rises in the New year will make companies increasingly reluctant to hire.

Travel insurance premiums are set to rise by up to 40% next year as insurers pass on higher claim costs to customers. One of Britain’s largest insurers said it would impose “double digit” increases just as people plan their Christmas breaks and next year’s summer holiday.


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