To assume is dangerous because... Motor insurance is now a minefield.

The rise of comparison websites has meant the customers focus is almost entirely on getting the cheapest premium. At the same time insurance companies have got stricter and stricter. If an insurance company has an excuse not to wriggle out of paying a claim, it will!

Common mistakes that can lead to non-payment of claims are as follows:

  • declaring incorrect no claims bonus
  • forgetting to disclose a conviction or accident
  • vehicles incorrectly put on a fleet policy

Case Study

Mr N owns a wholesalers business. The company own 1 vehicle for the sales rep. Mr N telephoned to see whether I could beat his renewal quote. When asked, Mr N advised that the car was left overnight at the sales reps house. I asked him to check with his high street broker if the same information was on the policy. He was told the overnight address was the business address. Had the car been stolen or damaged overnight at the sales reps house the claim would almost certainly have been penalised.

A mouse is no substitute for speaking to someone. Steve Allen Insurance does not look at premium first it looks at getting the policy right for every single client and then we look at the premium. Trying to save a few pounds could cost you thousands!


The car is now correctly covered. The client has true peace of mind.

Call me now on 0161 766 1927 for a review and quote.


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